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Makar Records

About Us

To the one who did’nt know Makar records yet, this site is the result of hundreds of hours of interviews with some of the finest musicians in India today.

Makar is the best collection of CDs to help you discover Indian Classical Music.

MAKAR offers a discovery of Indian Classical Music through a series of great masters from different traditional schools. All the different schools (gharana) and instruments are there. The best quality CDs with Artistic Director F. Tupper : all about 70 mn. CDs with top musical and technical quality (DDD Direct digital recording). All recordings are new releases of recordings made recently with the most fantastic musicians alive today.

A revolutionary idea
An improvised music such as Indian music looses a lot of interest value if it is not performed in public. This is why our recordings are not taken in studios, but in the presence of a chosen small audience. All the recordings were made in India and not during a visit of the artists abroad.

Musicians from the great tradition never recorded on CD
Each one of the musicians recorded has learnt music the traditional way and represents a particular style of vocal or instrumental music. Each style and each school (gharana) will be included in our selection. This is the first complete presentation of the diversity of Indian classical music.

Top quality recording
All the musical qualities are clearly audible thanks to an exclusive recording technique perfected by MAKAR : direct digital engraving and the use of microphones especially designed for this music. We insist on the purity of numerical sound and refuse all reverb effects.

A booklet full of precise explanations
With each CD comes a six-page booklet by F. Tupper : it contains a biography of the artist, a list of his available recordings, an introduction to the style and the school, the specifications of the instrument, an in-depth analysis of the ragas and of the poems.

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