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Things You Need To Avoid When Dealing With Immigration Cases

how can i become a US citizen

Cases concerning immigration issues must dealt properly. Otherwise, you might find yourself at risk of being deported or your citizenship application might be denied.Indeed, it is quite scary dealing with these types of cases as the outcome will dictate what will happen to you and your future. Hence, as much as possible, you will have to avoid the major mistakes other people commit when they deal with these cases.

The following are some of the mistakes you need to look out for.

Mistakes To Avoid

Being dishonest or fraudulent

One of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid is being dishonest. Telling a lie to the immigration bureau would definitely cancel your chances of being granted citizenship. Moreover, it may also lead you towards deportation. Of course, this depends on what type of information you lie about or falsify. Nevertheless, the act of being dishonest and fraudulent, with discernment, will pave the way of the idea that you are an undesirable alien since you are going against the law and thus, you should not be given the privilege of becoming a citizen and what not.

Failing to comply with deadlines

In immigration cases, you have to remember that you are not the only person they are dealing with. Hence, they are not obliged to bend their rules when it comes you. That said, deadlines are deadlines and these have to be met strictly.

Especially in cases for application of visas or green card, you, as the applicant, must adhere to their requirements and that includes meeting the deadlines.

Failing to attend set meetings

If there are meetings or interviews set with immigration officers, do everything in your power not to miss it. Again, there are so many other people which the bureau of immigration must deal with and so, do not think of yourself as a special case. Additionally, make sure you prepare yourself for the tests you will undergo during the interview as well.

Failing to thoroughly check forms

Needless to say, you ought to check the information you supply in certain forms, letters, and other documents. Otherwise, you might end up requesting for modifications because of certain errors in the forms and this might delay your case.

how to prepare for immigration interview

Choosing the wrong legal counsel

Your choice of legal aid will also be crucial. Choosing the wrong attorney might lower the chances of your case. That said, it is very important for you to choose an attorney who has ample experience with immigration cases like those from Legalquest Network, P.C. .

Concealing crimes committed

Concealment of crimes committed, regardless if these crimes are constitute only of light felonies or were committed many years ago, you will still have to inform your personal legal counsel, who is handling your case, about these things as concealment of these information might just cause you trouble sooner or later.

Not attaching supporting documents

Some people forget to include or attach supporting documents in the forms they send over to the immigration office. This should not be overlooked since the immigration officers actually need the supporting documents in order to decide on your case.

A Bridge Connecting The Music Industry and The Field of Law

Related image

The field of law touches everything, even music. Naturally, when we think of songs, singers, musical instruments and all other things and people related to music, it is very rare for us to picture lawyers and the law in our minds.

But the truth of the matter is that those in the music industry actually deal with the field of law much more than we think they do. From writing songs up to publishing, the legal requirements are almost never ending.

Thus, if you are an aspiring artist who is planning to explore the field of music, you must also be well-versed with what we term as music law.

Music Law

This term refers to the legal aspects which the music industry as well as the entertainment industry, in general, deals with. Some of the aspects included here are those touching on recording of labels, publishing of music, performing in concerts, etc.

Music law, and entertainment law, is essential considering the fact that entertainment artists are not strangers to disputes especially when it comes to contract negotiations, labor issues, and tax cases. Moreover, issues related to copyrights and trademarks are also some of the ever continuing problem artists face.

Legal Aspects

With that said above, some of the legal aspects which music law touches on are mentioned below. In these cases, decent lawyers like Attorney Peter Perretine may be of essential need.

  • Publishing of Music

One of the greatest sources of money in the music industry comes from music publishing. Music publishing refers to the processes of developing new music. Music publishers aid composers when it comes to the business aspects of their music. Basically, music publishers search for artists, help them with the label recordings, aid in promoting the artists, and obtain licenses necessary for reproduction of music.

In order to protect their investments with the songwriters and artists, music publishers ought to be protected by the laws set forth by the state.

how to record song labels

  • Copyright Issues

Copyright issues are some of the most common issues dealt with by artists. Copyright refers to the exclusive rights of the original creator of an original work. These rights, although exclusive, are not absolute as they are still subject to certain limitations.

Copyright is considered as an intellectual property that applies to creative works. Usually, copyrighted works have multiple holders. Furthermore, copyright may include rights to reproduce, control, distribute, perform the music (as in the case of music law).

  • Licensing Performances

Concerts and live performances are more complicated than you think. Certain permits and licenses are needed as they are required by the law. Furthermore, public performance of the music refers to its performance whether it is in its original or edited form and whether live or recorded. Even what we hear on the radio (not the interviews but the songs) are covered.

  • Issues on Contracts

Laws on contracts heavily affect the music industry as well. There are tons of cases wherein the music publisher or the artist does some things which constitute a breach of the contracts between the parties.



Moraes Fight Interview Talking About His Top Gi Choice and Training

MMA and BJJ Gear

Ten-time world kickboxing champion Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong (2-0) earned his second career mixed-martial-arts victory, outstriking an inedibly tough Angel “The Dream” DeAnda over the course of the three-round headliner of Saturday night’s “World Series of Fighting 4: Spong vs. DeAnda” event.

The NBC Sports Network televised event drew a crowd of 5,000 fans at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif.

Spong was patient throughout the 15-minute contest, calmly walking forward and picking DeAnda apart with thunderous leg kicks and powerful punches. DeAnda was hobbled from the low kicks in the second frame, but he refused to quit and constantly looked for opportunities to launch his own attack.Spong turned up the heat in the final round, slashing at the legs and firing punches to the chin. DeAnda never backed down, returning fire until the very end, but it was Spong who was awarded the clearcut unanimous-decision win.

“I went in with no expectations, and I wanted to feel him out and see what he was made of,” Spong said. “DeAnda is a strong guy. He surprised me with how much punishment he was able to take.”

In the night’s bantamweight co-feature, top-ranked fighter Marlon Moraes improved to 3-0 as a World Series of Fighting athlete, dominating a tough Brandon Hempleman throughout an entertaining 15-minute matchup.

Moraes’ aggressive striking and technical Muay Thai cut Hempleman’s forehead in the opening round, and his powerful leg kicks left his opponent hopping on one leg in the second. But even with the blood flowing and his movement limited, Hempleman continued to press forward, waving to the crowd as he tried to turn the tide.

Moraes, who suffered a broken finger and injured foot in the opening 10 minutes, slowed his attack in the final frame, but the spectacular performance through the first two rounds was enough to earn him a unanimous-decision win, 30-27 on all three judges’ cards.

In the second round Moraes really opened up with his BJJ game and scored 3 points before the referee stopped the match. In an after fight interview he mentioned how training is the best BJJ Gi online helped his jiu jitsu training.

“Man, that guy was tough,” Moraes said after the win. “He just kept coming forward.”

The incredible story of lightweight Nick Newell (10-0) earned another heartwarming chapter on Saturday night, as he scored a first-round submission win over Keon Caldwell (9-2).

Newell, who bas born with a condition known as congenital amputation and has just one fully-formed arm, slipped under an early Caldwell striking attempt and took him to the floor. Caldwell quickly returned to the feet, but Newell instantly deposited him on the canvas a second time. Once he was firm in top position, Newell quickly latched in a guillotine choke and rolled off to his side and squeezed, earning the tap at the 2:07 mark of the first.

“It was a great honor to fight in front of this crowd and all the troops that came out to support me,” Newell said. “Can’t wait to do it again.”

In a featured heavyweight attraction, heavyweight Dave Huckaba (21-5) earned an impressive second-round finish of kickboxing legend and World Series of Fighting President Ray Sefo (2-2).

Sefo appeared to be getting the better of Huckaba as the action unfolded in the second round. Sharp leg kicks left Huckaba limping, and Sefo fired in several staggering punches, as well. With Huckaba fading, Sefo launched a massive high kick toward his opponent’s head, but it missed by mere inches. Huckaba alertly slipped the strike and unleashed a furious flurry of counter punches, scoring first with uppercuts and then a barrage of hooks to a covering Sefo that forced a halt to the bout with 28 seconds left in the second round.

“Right now, I am on top of the world,” Huckaba said after the win. “I can’t even describe what I am feeling. Nobody except my team thought I could win this fight. I mean, I was fighting a legend, right?

“This is such a dream come true. Can you believe this? I got my chance and made the most of it.”

The bout is expected to serve as the final appearance of Sefo’s Hall of Fame career.

Veteran lightweights Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante and Tyson Girffin combined to put on an exciting standup battle in the night’s first main-card contest.

The pair took turns trading heavy shots for the opening two rounds, with Cavalcante pressing forward and Griffin expertly countering as he circled on the outside. Both fighters were willing to engage, and the ensuing battles brought the crowd to its feet.

With the fight even heading into the final round, Cavalcante scored a key takedown and moved to his opponent’s back. With Griffin trapped underneath him, Cavalcante punched away with one hand while looking for the choke with the other. Referee Jason McCoy warned Griffin to advance his position and ultimately elected to call the fight 97 seconds into the final round in a decision that proved unpopular with the losing fighter, as well as most of the fans in attendance.

“It was a bad stoppage,” Griffin said. “He got me in a bad position, and as I was trying to work my way out the ref decided to stop the fight.”

Meanwhile, Cavalcante admitted he was disappointed with the way the bout ended but felt he was well on his way to the win.

“For me, a win is a win, and I love to win,” Cavalcante said. “But I hate to win this way. I don’t want the fans to boo. I want them to be happy. I want to win convincingly.

“I wasn’t surprised the ref stopped it. He gave three warnings, but Griffin never did anything to improve his position. I’m not saying he couldn’t continue, but he did nothing to improve his position.”

In the night’s final preliminary contest, Gerald Harris (22-5) earned a unanimous-decision win over Jorge Santiago (25-12) in a fight “Hurricane” thought he had won in the opening round.

While the two started with a moderate pace, things picked up dramatically in the closing seconds, as Harris lifted Santiago high in the air. The Brazilian defended by wrapping his arm over the cage, though Harris eventually slammed him to the floor, anyway. As the referee stepped in to deduct a point from Santiago for the foul, Harris thought the fight was over and began to celebrate the win. However, the contest carried on.

Harris outwrestled Santiago in the second round, leaving him with a with a healthy lead on the cards heading into the final frame. Santiago recognized the urgency in the situation and came out firing heavy leather, but Harris, who later said he broke his hand in the opening round, simply stalled out until the final bell, when he was awarded a unanimous decision based on his work in the first two frames.

After the win, Harris said his injured hand forced him to fight conservatively in the final five minutes.

“I knew I couldn’t punch with him,” Harris said. “I couldn’t squeeze at all.”

Still, “Hurricane” said he’s excited to get back to action as quickly as possible.

“Once this wrist heals, I’m excited to get back in the cage with whoever World Series of Fighting puts in front of me.”

Undefeated lightweight prospect Lewis Gonzales (9-0) showed incredible resiliency against gritty veteran Antonio McKee (28-6-2), earning a unanimous-decision win in a bout cut short by an accidental foul.

McKee dominated the early action, taking the fight to the floor and moving immediately into a rear-naked choke attempt that seemed destined to end the fight. But Gonzales battled through the hold and escaped to top position in the closing seconds of the round.

The second round was again a wrestling battle, but this time it was Gonzales who controlled the positioning en route to claiming the round, setting up an intriguing final frame. For more info check out the ibjjj.com 

McKee again looked for a takedown to open the third, but Gonzales defended the effort and again secured a dominant position. Unfortunately, he scored with an elbow to the back of McKee’s head, forcing referee Jason McCoy to step in and call a foul, which he deemed accidental and therefore did not deduct a point. McKee rolled on the floor in pain and could not continue the fight, and judges were directed to score the partial frame, which ended just 43 seconds into the five-minute period. All three judges leaned toward Gonzales, and he was awarded a unanimous decision win, 29-28 on all three cards.

In a bantamweight battle of two friends, Jared Papazian (16-10) outpointed John Robles (7-2) in a spirited three-round affair.

It was Robles who looked better in the early going, flooring Papazian with a massive right hand. But “The Jackhammer” crawled up off the deck and dominated the remainder of the action. Taunting Robles for the rest of the fight, Papazian used a vicious left hand and several thudding knees to the body to slow his opponent en route to claiming a unanimous-decision win.

Papazian, who replaced an injured Joe Murphy on just two weeks’ notice, improved to 2-1 in his past three appearances. Top prospect Robles saw a two-fight win streak snapped.

The event opened with a thrilling 150-pound catchweight contest, as 10-year veteran Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela (13-6-2) survived a first-round knockdown to rally for a second-round submission win over fellow Californian Isaac “High Risk” Gutierrez (5-4).

Valenzuela was in trouble in the early going, as a Gutierrez combination sent him to the deck. But “Joe Boxer” returned to his feet and cleared his head, hanging on to the end of the round. The momentum shifted in the second, when Valenzuela was able to bring his opponent to the mat, move to the back and sink in a rear-naked choke at the 2:41 mark.

Valenzuela improves to 5-1 in his past six fights. Gutierrez falls to 1-3 in his past four appearances.

Fresh and Unique Ideas For Your Upcoming Christmas At Home

dining room decor for christmas

It’s never really too early to plan for this year’s Christmas. In fact, many people actually prepare for the next Christmas during summer; there are Christmas companies which put up super early Christmas sales for those of us who prefer to be equipped as early as before the middle of the year.

Let’s face it, Christmas at home could get boring if it’s done in the same manner every single year. Although some of us would prefer to stick with the traditional way our family celebrates it; it never hurts to incorporate something new to the table. Of course, this does not mean that we need to ditch the important traditional parts of Christmas; it’s simply making the manner of celebrating it a bit more fresh and unique.

The Ideas

  • Ditch the series lights.

These series of lights are beautiful but they are so overused for the last many years. Perhaps, it’s time to ditch this traditional Christmas decor and try out a new alternative such as Christmas projectors which are recently becoming trending.  

There are many option for these projectors; you may opt for a projector that projects snowflakes or if not, you can go for one that projects icons of reindeer or Santa’s sleigh. These projectors even come in many different Christmas colors.

Simply choose from the best projectors something that suits your Christmas theme or personal/family preference well. Indeed, this will be a fresh sight in your home during the Holidays.

  • Adorn the presents.

We’re so great at wrapping the gifts but we’ve never really tried adorning them with Christmas ornaments. This way, we are igniting Christmas vibes at a much higher level. Furthermore, a specific theme, like plaid design,  for the Christmas gift wraps would also be an amazing idea.

laser lights for holiday

  • Adopt a new theme.

If last year you went for a white Christmas, then go for a blue one this year. If you’re a bit more adventurous, make use of super heroes theme or Harry Potter theme for this holiday. After all, there are no rules in adopting a theme as long as you, your family, and friends enjoy it.

  • Adorn the unexpected parts of your home.

Some of us never really think of adorning the table that much; but, honestly, it would be great to pretend that the dining table is a large gift—simply wrap it up like a gift. Moreover, hang some Santa Clauses in the bathroom area or use some garlands for your home’s pillars, fences, roof, etc.

  • Replace pillow sheets, table runner, carpet, etc.

To complete the Christmas spirit of your home, make sure your living room area is well-fitted to the holidays. Go for a table runner that matches your Christmas theme and replace your throw pillow sheets with something that screams ‘Christmas’.

  • Skip exchange of gifts.

This is something you should agree with your entire family since as a tradition, giving gifts is essential during this celebration. However, you may agree among your family and/or friends to skip giving each other gifts and instead, do a feeding event for those who experience holiday hunger or do other volunteer programs to help those who much less during this Christmas season.

The Bottom Line

Above are only a few fresh ideas for Christmas. The point is, don’t be afraid to try out something new especially for this holiday season. Decorate your heart out according to your comfort and preference. 

Stay tuned in this site for more articles on tips and ideas.

A Few Tips on How to Buy the Right Guitar Amplifier

how to play electric guitarAs musicians or music enthusiasts, we often treat our musical instruments as our babies. Buying accessories for our instruments is definitely worth it as long as it enhances its look and more importantly, its sound or quality, in general.

One of most sought after musical accessories is an amplifier. Guitarists, whether acoustic, electric or bass, love to amplify their guitar sounds with the use of an electronic amplifier. Some people think that amplifiers are only meant for electric guitars but in reality, many, though not all, acoustic guitars are best connected to an amplifier as well.

Do I really need an amplifier?

A common question that pops up in the mind of a beginner guitarist is whether or not they need an amplifier at all. Honestly, an amplifier is not a necessity if you’re into acoustic sounds. In a way, amplifiers are what turns acoustic sounds into electric and this is why electric guitars work best with amplifiers. However, you can still play an electric guitar even without an amplifier; it might just sound kind of incomplete.

Basically, amplifiers improve and enhance the guitar’s tone, volume and sound quality. So, if you’re into stronger and more electronic sounds, an amplifier is what you need. However, for those of you who prefer the acoustic string sounds, an amplifier is not needed. In addition, don’t forget about the amp wires or wiring kits that you might need. If you’re not quite sure about this, you might want to read more review info for amp wiring kits.

importance of amplifier

6 Tips in Buying

  • Know the type of music you play before buying the amp. Guitar players who are into playing heavy metal will need an amplifier with a high-gain overdrive; soft rock or country, on the other hand, will work well with a softer overdrive.
  • Don’t go for a limited edition amplifier just because John Mayer says so or don’t go for tube amps just because professionals do. Tube amps are less reliable, more fragile and has a more expensive maintenance despite its alleged better quality. Solid state amps might just be the better choice since its quality is still great.
  • If you only play in small rooms, you will do well with an amplifier with low wattage. A 5-watt amp is already quite loud for your own bedroom. However, if you do or will do gigs or performances in larger areas with a drummer around, you might want to go for a higher-wattage amp.
  • Buying a pre-owned amplifier is not a bad idea. Especially for beginners, a pre-owned amp may actually be a great way to start your musical journey. In this case, it saves you more money and at the same time, it helps you get to know amps. As long as the amp’s quality is still in a good condition, all is well.
  • The more features an amplifier offers, the better. For those who want to invest their money in something truly worth it, might as well check for lots of features as this maximizes its function.
  • The more expensive amps do not always mean the best choice. If you are someone who is mainly or only concerned on the amp’s sound quality, you would not want to spend money on unnecessary add-ons that makes the amp much more expensive (e.g. amps limited edition color)


What to Look For in Offshore Injury Lawyers

how to hire offshore injury lawyerOffshore injury experts are greatly needed by injured offshore workers in cases against their employers. But picking out the best offshore injury lawyers or lawyers for criminal defense may not come easy. Several factors need to be considered when making this decision.

qualities of offshore lawyerFactors to Consider in Choosing A  Good  Offshore Injury Lawyer

  • Experience

Just like hiring for employees, offshore injury experts should also be backed by experience. Their experience will indicate how far they have come in the field and their experience might also determine the compensation you will be able to get. It does not have to be 20 years of experience, it could be a few years of experience but with very good case results. Hiring an inexperienced offshore injury lawyer is acceptable but may be risky especially since proving negligence in the part of the employer is quite a challenging task.

  • Honesty

An offshore injury lawyer must be honest as well. Even when the case is going downhill, a good quality offshore attorney will honestly let you know where you stand in the situation. Hiding information from you is a major red flag because as the client, you have the right to know everything concerning your situation. If you feel that the lawyer is not giving you the full details, you may want to look for another option.

  • Reasonable Price

The best things do not always have to be the most expensive ones. The best lawyers, in general, are those who offer great quality services at a very reasonable price. Charging extremely high prices may simply tell you that this lawyer is there for cash and not for services. Before deciding which offshore injury expert to go to, it would be better to compare prices and see if there are major differences in the tags.

  • Availability

When dealing with court cases, you may need a lot of time with your lawyer just in case there are several questions and clarifications you want to clear up. With that, good quality offshore injury lawyers should be available when you need them. Lawyers who might not have enough time to spend with you may be very busy and if they are, they might not be the best choice for your case since they might not be able to give your situation the necessary attention and support it needs.

  • Ability to Relay Information

Everyone has the ability to relay information but the ability of relaying complex information through simple and understandable terms is one quality that a good offshore injury lawyer or a lawyer, in general, should have. Dealing with the law will involve terms and conditions that may not ring a bell to a layman’s ears and so, the job of a good lawyer is to simplify these things in order for their client to fully understand and make informed decisions.

The Bottom Line

If you find an offshore injury lawyer who seemingly meets the qualities mentioned above then you might want to hold onto that expert and try their services. With all these considerations in mind, most probably, things will go well for you.