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A Bridge Connecting The Music Industry and The Field of Law

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The field of law touches everything, even music. Naturally, when we think of songs, singers, musical instruments and all other things and people related to music, it is very rare for us to picture lawyers and the law in our minds.

But the truth of the matter is that those in the music industry actually deal with the field of law much more than we think they do. From writing songs up to publishing, the legal requirements are almost never ending.

Thus, if you are an aspiring artist who is planning to explore the field of music, you must also be well-versed with what we term as music law.

Music Law

This term refers to the legal aspects which the music industry as well as the entertainment industry, in general, deals with. Some of the aspects included here are those touching on recording of labels, publishing of music, performing in concerts, etc.

Music law, and entertainment law, is essential considering the fact that entertainment artists are not strangers to disputes especially when it comes to contract negotiations, labor issues, and tax cases. Moreover, issues related to copyrights and trademarks are also some of the ever continuing problem artists face.

Legal Aspects

With that said above, some of the legal aspects which music law touches on are mentioned below. In these cases, decent lawyers like Attorney Peter Perretine may be of essential need.

  • Publishing of Music

One of the greatest sources of money in the music industry comes from music publishing. Music publishing refers to the processes of developing new music. Music publishers aid composers when it comes to the business aspects of their music. Basically, music publishers search for artists, help them with the label recordings, aid in promoting the artists, and obtain licenses necessary for reproduction of music.

In order to protect their investments with the songwriters and artists, music publishers ought to be protected by the laws set forth by the state.

how to record song labels

  • Copyright Issues

Copyright issues are some of the most common issues dealt with by artists. Copyright refers to the exclusive rights of the original creator of an original work. These rights, although exclusive, are not absolute as they are still subject to certain limitations.

Copyright is considered as an intellectual property that applies to creative works. Usually, copyrighted works have multiple holders. Furthermore, copyright may include rights to reproduce, control, distribute, perform the music (as in the case of music law).

  • Licensing Performances

Concerts and live performances are more complicated than you think. Certain permits and licenses are needed as they are required by the law. Furthermore, public performance of the music refers to its performance whether it is in its original or edited form and whether live or recorded. Even what we hear on the radio (not the interviews but the songs) are covered.

  • Issues on Contracts

Laws on contracts heavily affect the music industry as well. There are tons of cases wherein the music publisher or the artist does some things which constitute a breach of the contracts between the parties.



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