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A wonderfull new release from Makar records :


The seniormost master of Bengal’s Senia gharana gives an inspired and emotional music. A Makar exclusivity

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This is the music of the first guru of Ustad Allauddin Khan, Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya (or Bhattacharjee) alias “Nulo Gopal”.

As you certainly know, Allaudin KhanSaab has discovered classical music thru his teachings, and developed a strong taste for Dhrupad.
Unfortunately, Nulo Gopal died of the plague before he could finish his training.

We have found the direct heir of this very rare dhrupad style. His name was (he died last March) Pandit Shivshankar Mukherjee. His grandfather, Kalidan Mukherjee, was the main student of Gopal Krishna Bhattacharya.

This Pandit Shivshankar Mukherjee was a real gharanedar, his only gurus were from his family, his grand-father and father.

Senya gharana vocal dhrupad in Bengal used to be one of the best in India with Vishnupur, as we can discover it in book like Sangeet Manjari or Sangeet Chandrika.

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