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A Few Tips on How to Buy the Right Guitar Amplifier

how to play electric guitarAs musicians or music enthusiasts, we often treat our musical instruments as our babies. Buying accessories for our instruments is definitely worth it as long as it enhances its look and more importantly, its sound or quality, in general.

One of most sought after musical accessories is an amplifier. Guitarists, whether acoustic, electric or bass, love to amplify their guitar sounds with the use of an electronic amplifier. Some people think that amplifiers are only meant for electric guitars but in reality, many, though not all, acoustic guitars are best connected to an amplifier as well.

Do I really need an amplifier?

A common question that pops up in the mind of a beginner guitarist is whether or not they need an amplifier at all. Honestly, an amplifier is not a necessity if you’re into acoustic sounds. In a way, amplifiers are what turns acoustic sounds into electric and this is why electric guitars work best with amplifiers. However, you can still play an electric guitar even without an amplifier; it might just sound kind of incomplete.

Basically, amplifiers improve and enhance the guitar’s tone, volume and sound quality. So, if you’re into stronger and more electronic sounds, an amplifier is what you need. However, for those of you who prefer the acoustic string sounds, an amplifier is not needed. In addition, don’t forget about the amp wires or wiring kits that you might need. If you’re not quite sure about this, you might want to read more review info for amp wiring kits.

importance of amplifier

6 Tips in Buying

  • Know the type of music you play before buying the amp. Guitar players who are into playing heavy metal will need an amplifier with a high-gain overdrive; soft rock or country, on the other hand, will work well with a softer overdrive.
  • Don’t go for a limited edition amplifier just because John Mayer says so or don’t go for tube amps just because professionals do. Tube amps are less reliable, more fragile and has a more expensive maintenance despite its alleged better quality. Solid state amps might just be the better choice since its quality is still great.
  • If you only play in small rooms, you will do well with an amplifier with low wattage. A 5-watt amp is already quite loud for your own bedroom. However, if you do or will do gigs or performances in larger areas with a drummer around, you might want to go for a higher-wattage amp.
  • Buying a pre-owned amplifier is not a bad idea. Especially for beginners, a pre-owned amp may actually be a great way to start your musical journey. In this case, it saves you more money and at the same time, it helps you get to know amps. As long as the amp’s quality is still in a good condition, all is well.
  • The more features an amplifier offers, the better. For those who want to invest their money in something truly worth it, might as well check for lots of features as this maximizes its function.
  • The more expensive amps do not always mean the best choice. If you are someone who is mainly or only concerned on the amp’s sound quality, you would not want to spend money on unnecessary add-ons that makes the amp much more expensive (e.g. amps limited edition color)


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